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The studio has been running continuously for more than 30 years... we record all style of music for solo artists and bands.

About Chris Wilson

Chris has been in the Australian music industry for over 40 years playing in his first bands with Phil Rudd from ACDC and Angry Anderson. A founding member of Broderick Smith's big combo in the 80s.  As a member of Broderick Smith's big combo, Chris was presented with a gold record from EMI in 1982.

Chris has done recordings for a multitude of artists including Russell Morris, Greg champion, Johnny young, Slim whittle, Ross Hannaford, Brent Parlane, Mark Kennedy, and many other artists that have gone on to have great careers in the music industry.

A renowned and talented musician, Chris plays keyboards, guitars, bass and drums.
There is no need to hire a band if you are a solo artist. Everybody finds that recording at Chris's studio is an enjoyable and productive process. 


Have a listen

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Here are some samples of artists Chris has recorded  this year. 

New release

Here is a clip of one of Chris's originals, which is on  his new album due to be released is September.


M    0425 773 934

25 Bainbridge Avenue Seaford
Melbourne Australia

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