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The studio has been running continuously for more than 30 years... we record all style of music for solo artists and bands.


Recording should be an enjoyable experience and a creative and productive one at that. With many different instruments at hand, we can create a style to suit your creative needs and song. With a 55 inch computer monitor,  it makes the process efficient and allows you have input as well as see your song take shape.




 Whatever you have in mind we can write and record the music from thought to sound. Layering of instruments supports the lyrics & melody. Let us know what you want to express and we will make it happen.


With modern computer software, editing is second to none. From adjusting timing or pitch it is done efficiently and with creativity to suit your needs and desires.




Mastering is the last step in the recording process. Once all the mixing and balancing of instruments and vocals has been completed, we optimise playback across all systems and media formats to create your stereo track. Chris will boost it up to broadcast level and make sure the tones and dynamics are what is required. Chris works with you to make it a convenient and cost-effective process to get your music mastered. 

Equipment available

There is ample space for live recording of bands. The upstairs studio is where the magic happens. 

Drums, 3 keyboards and twenty one guitars are all available free of charge to use on any tracks.

Chris can play any instrument to accompany your music, this service is free of charge. 

Everything is covered by the hourly rate.


M    0425 773 934

25 Bainbridge Avenue Seaford
Melbourne Australia

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